Appraisals and inventories of your movable property, works of art and jewellery with a view to sharing or insurance



Advice on the management and development of collections for asset management professionals


Personal Art Shopper

Support for the acquisition of furniture, works of art and jewellery on the first and second markets

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Who are we?

From our complementary professions, Auctioneer and Expert for Insurance Companies, we cross our views on the art market.

Our common passion allows us to compare our analyses of the Côte d'Azur. Our aim is to bring our experience to professionals, art lovers and collectors in complete independence.

Based in Monaco, we are aware of the richness of the Côte d'Azur's cultural heritage and wish to raise awareness of it, even if our activity has no borders and we can respond to requests from all over the world.

cécile agu expertise

We are also keen to share the cultural and human wealth of the Riviera, both artistic and artisanal, on our blog.

  • Visits to art market professionals
  • Meetings within the Circle of Collectors and Artists of Riviera Fine Art with our events "Around a coffee" at The Office center in Monaco
  • Monitoring market trends in luxury brands, jewellery and watches
  • Cultural news from the Côte d'Azur region
  • Sharing and transmitting knowledge of art history

Areas of expertise


Jewellery & Watches

Graduates in gemology and art history, we make estimates according to the new or second-hand market.


Furniture & Luxury

We carry out a study on the authenticity of the works and their provenance for objects from all periods.


Works & Collections

We carry out complete inventories to give you the keys to understanding your future asset management decisions.

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